Joshua H. Eggnatz
Partner Location: Admitted to Practice in Florida

Phone: 1-954-889-3359

Joshua H. Eggnatz is a litigator devoted to consumer class action, personal injury and civil litigation matters. He takes pride in representing individuals and small companies against large corporations. Prior to founding his own firm, Mr. Eggnatz worked for large defense firms, where he represented insurance companies, corporations and governmental entities. View Bio
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Benjamin M. Lopatin
Partner Location: Admitted to Practice in California

Phone: (415) 379-4612

Benjamin M. Lopatin is a skilled attorney who is dedicated to the zealous advocacy of his clients and takes pride in fighting for justice for consumers. Mr.Lopatin focuses his practice on civil litigation, primarily involving class actions,consumer protection, unfair competition, false advertising, product liability, food law, and privacy law. View Bio
Michael J. Pascucci
Partner Location: Admitted to Practice in Florida

Phone: 1-954-889-3359

Michael J. Pascucci is a trial lawyer with a strong background in consumer advocacy, personal injury and insurance claims including homeowner’s insurance claims, automobile accidents, premises liability, products liability and other bodily injury claims. View Bio