Judge Keeps State Claims In 5-Hour Energy False Ad MDL (Law360, January 25, 2017)

Judge Keeps State Claims In 5-Hour Energy False Ad MDL – Law360

Court appoints ELPLawyers as Class Counsel and grants Final Approval of Nationwide

Massage Envy settlement – learn more here http://www.massagesettlement.com/courtdocs!

Kraft Under Fire for “Natural” Claims over “fat free” cheese & Capri Sun Beverages


“Wal-Mart “All Natural” Corn Starch Litigation

“Wal-Mart “All Natural” Corn Starch Litigation – ELPLawyers appointed lead class counsel! Submit a claim by following this link https://www.cornstarchsettlement.com/”

What is a Class Action?

Eggnatz, Lopatin & Pascucci, LLP (ELP) concentrates its consumer class action practice in the area of food and dietary supplement litigation. We believe that all of us, as consumers, are entitled to truthful and non-misleading advertising and labeling when shopping … Continue reading