Debunking Myths About What to Expect From Your Personal Injury Claim

There is a lot of misinformation regarding tort law or personal injury claims. Some may call these suits frivolous and some believe that they can only file a claim if it is worth a lot of money. What is the truth about a personal injury claim and the settlement amount that you can expect.

Personal Injury Lawsuits Result in Fast Cash

Most people do not experience a quick personal injury claim. The lawyer has to investigate your claim, gather evidence, file all of the appropriate documents and then work on negotiations with the insurance company. Most people do not accept the initial offer from an insurance company. While many claims do settle out of court, it is important that you know the value of your claim before you accept any settlements.

If you do not accept an offer from an insurance company and they do not accept your counteroffer, then you may end up in trial. This can take weeks, to months, to a couple of years depending on how complicated the case is.

Personal Injury Lawsuits Are Frivolous

Don’t buy into the hype that personal injury claims are frivolous. When people claim that personal injury claims are not serious, this is often because of misinformation. They see a headline involving a case, but do not know the specifics or the extent of the injuries to the people involved. If you are injured at the hands of someone else’s negligence and it results in monetary or physical damages, you deserve compensation.

Personal Injury Lawsuit Claims Must Be Catastrophic

When you hear about personal injury claims in the news, they tend to be catastrophic cases that are worth millions of dollars. These aren’t standard cases, however. The bigger cases simply get the most press. Settlement amounts may vary based on the type of case and circumstances surrounding the case.

For instance, an average slip and fall case may be anywhere from $15,000 to $45,000. A car accident claim, on the other hand, may average around $21,000. Some claims are much higher and some are much lower. To know what your case is worth, it helps to have a personal injury lawyer to help you.

If you are considering a personal injury claim, it helps to have an attorney on your side to advocate for you. Instead of buying into the myths, consult with a personal injury lawyer in Maricopa County, AZ, like from Saavedra Law Firm, PLC, today to find out how to handle your case.