DUI Arrests

Any amount of alcohol in your system can lead to a driving under the influence (DUI) arrest. DUI arrest occurs very often, and they can happen anywhere, even home. Normally, everyone assumes that a DUI arrest means that the driver of the vehicle was driving with alcohol in their system. However, many DUI arrest occur without the arrested individual ever consuming alcohol. DUI’s are not just for alcohol, but for any chemicals or drugs as well. In most states and jurisdictions, the legal blood alcohol content (that can be determined by giving blood at the jail once arrested) is 0.08%. Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine if you are above that level when consuming alcohol or drugs, so it is recommended never to consume any alcohol or drugs and then decide to operate a vehicle.

There is some slack given to those that are arrested for a DUI for the first time. Of course, the more It occurs the worse the penalties will become. DUIs are determined by field sobriety tests: when an individual must stand on one leg for a specific period of time, complete a horizontal gaze, and a walk and turn. There are also breathalyzer tests individuals will blow into to determine their alcohol level by blowing into a machine. Then there is the blood alcohol content test which is when blood is drawn and the blood alcohol level is properly determined, this is the most foolproof test. Many of these tests may prove their may be alcohol in someone’s system but there are also DUI arrests that occur with no alcohol or drugs involved at all.

No matter how a DUI arrest comes to happen, they are very life altering and can cause an individual to lose their license, their freedom, their complete driving privileges, and even their normal lives. If you or someone you know has come to be arrested for a DUI simply because of anxiety, dizziness or simply being a little tired, there is a way to beat the DUI penalties and potentially get your life back. Contact a DUI lawyer, like from The Lynch Law Group, to discuss what your legal options are and if you can have your record possibly cleared. There are many cases where the right attorney will be able to review the evidence built against you and prove that because there were no drugs or alcohol in your system.