How Long Will Your Car Accident Injury Case Take?

Anyone who has ever been in a car accident understands the toll it can take on a person. Even minor accidents can cause injuries, and bigger incidents can be life-threatening. The emotional effects can be significant too, as can the financial consequences. The last thing you need during this ordeal is for insurance companies to drag out your settlement. If you decide to file a lawsuit for your injuries, be prepared for your case to take some time. Various factors determine how long it will take.

The Severity of Your Injuries

For insurance claims and court decisions, there will be a lot of examination of what injuries you suffered, how they occurred, and how they are affecting you. The more extensive the injuries, the more scrutiny will go into determining your settlement amount. Those who decide your compensation will closely investigate the accident to figure out how much money you are entitled to based on your injuries. This can sometimes take months to decide.

Cooperation from Your Insurance Provider

Unfortunately, some people experience challenges from their insurance companies. Not only do some companies deny claims, but others may take their time in responding. In most situations, insurance companies have up to 40 days to either accept or deny the claim. If there is a denial, you will have to go through an appeals process, which can take even longer. If this happens, you should involve your attorney, who can put pressure on the provider.

How Many Other Parties Were Involved

Not all accidents are cut and dry cases of one driver hitting another. Some car collisions include multiple vehicles where several people could have been at fault. These incidents may also have numerous injuries. The more people involved in such a case will lengthen the settlement proceedings. The insurance companies and the court must sift through all the investigations and claims of every individual. If there are many severe injuries, it could be a few years before a settlement is reached.

What to Expect

On average, most car accident injury cases take about six months to settle. Some settlements may come as fast as a month or two if all parties are amenable and the injuries are moderate. Be ready to spend at least a few months working with your lawyer and the insurance company to finalize the matter.

Regardless of what your injury case looks like, make sure you work with a car accident lawyer, like a car accident lawyer in Longwood, FL, you can trust. Your lawyer will be on the front lines so you can focus on recovering.



Thanks to David & Philpot, PL for their insight into how long your car accident injury case may take.