Signs That You Have a Valid Auto Accident Case

Unfortunately, car accidents are common. Some cause only minor injuries, while the results of others can be catastrophic. In some cases, the accident can be due to poor weather, mechanical failure or simple bad luck. However, if you believe someone else’s negligence causes your injuries, you may be entitled to compensation. You should speak to an experienced personal injury attorney first. This legal counselor will examine the facts of the case to determine whether your claim has merit. There are some clear clues that you should pursue a lawsuit.

The Other Party Was Trying to Hit You

You’re likely familiar with the term “road rage.” You may have witnessed this first-hand. If you were the victim of such aggression, there’s a high chance that you could file a successful injury claim against the person. If the other driver deliberately collided with you in an attempt to hurt you, your case is likely to go in your favor. Your lawyer will consider the other driver’s actions, including how fast the other person was going and at what angle the driver hit you.

Your Injuries Were Extensive and Severe

If you walked about from a car accident with nothing but a scratch, you shouldn’t seek legal action. However, if your injuries required multiple visits to the doctor’s office and some treatment, you could have grounds to sue. Another test is to consider how the injuries are impacting your daily life. If the pain, suffering and inconvenience are making it difficult to perform daily duties, speak to a lawyer today. You should also seek compensation for your injuries if the accident left you unable to work. You can sue for damages to cover your medical bills and lost paychecks.

The Other Party Was Under the Influence or Distracted

Impaired driving and distracted driving are two of the biggest causes of car crashes. Both are irresponsible and dangerous. If you suffered injuries because someone had too much to drink or was texting and driving, seek legal advice from an auto accident lawyer in Memphis, TN today. You should hold this person accountable for his or her actions. Plus, a personal injury lawsuit can compensate you for your medical bills. Your lawyer will investigate the case to determine what factors led to the crash. If your lawyer determines that alcohol, drugs or distractions were at play, you have a good chance of winning your case and getting the help you need.

Don’t shy away from seeking legal help if you suffer injuries in an accident. You may be entitled to financial assistance to pay for your medical bills.

Thanks to Patterson Bray for their insight into personal injury claims and signs you have a valid auto accident case.