5 Options When You Don’t Have Medical Insurance



When a car accident happens, you should first take care of your injuries. If you have a life-threatening situation on hand, don’t worry about your medical bills until later. There will almost always be a way to get them paid, and your health is the biggest priority. Once you are at a point where you can worry about it, the following are five options you have to get those bills paid.


  1. Suing the Responsible Driver

If you were not at fault for your accident, you can generally sue the other party who was responsible. While every situation is different, your lawyer can help you to determine what kind of case you have and how much money you may be able to recover. The more serious your injuries, the more you may be able to receive in compensation.


  1. Using Your Car Insurance

Hopefully as a driver, you carry auto insurance. In most areas, personal injury protection is a required portion of auto insurance and you can use that for your medical bills. It stops at a certain dollar amount, but it’s a great way to get some of the first medical bills paid while you are learning other ways to get the rest paid.


  1. Asking for a Payment Plan

Many healthcare providers offer payment plans for patients without insurance. One option might include making monthly payments without interest for two years. Another could be paying in full at the time of each appointment and receiving a percentage off for paying with cash. The possibilities vary by doctor, and it’s always worth a try to get some financial assistance.


  1. Applying for Medicaid

The federal government offers medical assistance to citizens who fall below a certain income level, who are disabled, or who reach a certain age. Based on these requirements, you could qualify for Medicaid, or even Medicare. These programs are meant to provide financial assistance to those who cannot otherwise afford medical care.


  1. Having a Lien on Your Settlement

If you’ve been working with an attorney on filing a lawsuit against the responsible driver, and the attorney feels confident you’ll receive a fair settlement, some medical providers will provide care and place a lien on the settlement. This way, the medical provider will receive payment as soon as the settlement is final, and before you see any of the cash yourself.


Learning More About Car Accidents and Compensation

After being involved in a car accident, your finances could get a little tight. Speak with a lawyer, like a car accident lawyer in St. Paul, MN from Johnston Martineau, PLLP, today to learn what you can do to receive the compensation you’re entitled to.