Catastrophic Injury Lawyer Coeur d’Alene, ID Injury In Idaho

Catastrophic Injury Lawyer Coeur d’Alene, ID Injury In Idaho

Catastrophic Complications of Head Injuries

Catastrophic Injury Lawyer Coeur d’Alene, ID Injury In IdahoAccidents that lead to injuries are incredibly upsetting. When the harm done is a head injury, things become even more complicated and challenging. An injury to your head can impact your brain. The effects of such an injury are not only highly unpredictable but can also have overarching repercussions. Head injuries are often complicated because they aren’t always immediately apparent. Thus, they often go untreated. All told, head injuries are considerable injuries that should always be taken seriously.

Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injuries

Head injuries include concussions, which are a mild form of traumatic brain injury (TBI). These injuries often occur when the head is violently shaken back and forth on the neck. It also occurs through a blow to the head. Car accidents often cause head injuries. Many other kinds of accidents, such as slip and fall accidents, can bring on mild TBIs as well. A TBI can have severe and long-term consequences throughout the victim’s life. Furthermore, the effects of a TBI can be slow to surface. They can, therefore, go undiagnosed and untreated until the injury develops into something much more severe and more difficult to address.

TBI Statistics

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports the significant complications associated with TBIs in the United States to include the following:

  • Almost 30 percent of all fatal injuries involve a TBI.
  • Of the estimated yearly 1.7 million traumatic brain injuries, nearly 52,000 results in death. Another 275,000 victims are hospitalized.

Associated Damages

The damages associated with brain injuries are incredibly difficult to predict. The brain is your body’s command center. As such, it operates within a highly complex and finely tuned system. Any alterations to your brain’s functioning can result in changes and effects that are very difficult for victims to come to terms with. Many TBIs sufferers liken the results to an altered sense of self, which is a significant and troubling consequence. TBIs frequently lead to substantial physical, financial, and emotional harm that are difficult to adequately assess.

An Emotional Component

Your brain is fundamental to who you are, and brain injuries can lead to significant emotional upheaval, withdrawal, and isolation. Making matters worse, such psychological and emotional disturbances may also push the victim’s support system (close relationships, friends, and loved ones) further and further away — at precisely the time when they are needed the most.

If You Are the Victim of a Head Injury that Someone Else’s Negligence Caused, Consult a Catastrophic Injury Attorney Today

The complications and long-term consequences associated with head injuries can be severe, life-changing, and permanent. You should always take them seriously. If this has happened to you or a loved one, a catastrophic injury attorney can help you recover monetary compensation for medical bills, rehab and recovery, loss of income, and more. A catastrophic injury lawyer has the experience, knowledge, and compassion to advocate for the financial compensation to which you are entitled. Contact a Catastrophic Injury Lawyer Coeur d’Alene, ID Injury In Idaho for a free consultation and case evaluation today.