Common Reasons That Orthodontic Malpractice Happens

When people visit their orthodontist about receiving a treatment for their teeth, they usually have faith that they will get quality care. Unfortunately, orthodontists are people too, and may make mistakes. However, just because you are human and prone to being flawed at times, doesn’t mean that you can make mistakes with patients and get away with it. If your orthodontist made an error or oversight that caused you injury, pain and suffering, and other losses, then it’s probably time to see an attorney for advice. 

Misdiagnosing or Failing to Diagnose Dental Problems

When dental issues arise, an orthodontist must take notice and adjust the treatment plan as necessary. If tests need to be run in order to confirm a diagnosis, then they should be performed. If an orthodontist fails to diagnose or misdiagnoses periodontal disease, oral cancer, issues with braces, or other teeth problems when symptoms arise, then they may be held responsible for malpractice. 

Unnecessary Removal of Teeth

Depending on the placement of teeth, an orthodontist may suggest extracting a tooth or two in order to allow space for the teeth to align properly. This isn’t entirely uncommon, and may be performed prior to the braces being applied. But, if these teeth were removed unnecessarily, the patient may be eligible to receive financial compensation for malpractice.

Treatment Delays

The key to a successful treatment plan is diagnosing problems with the teeth or mouth early on. Delays in diagnosis and treatment for oral diseases or other related health issues can contribute to tooth decay, gum disease, or damage from braces. If your orthodontist delayed treatment unnecessarily, you may want to speak with an attorney near you for a thorough case evaluation before proceeding further. 

Procedures Without Informed Consent

A medical practitioner is required to get informed consent from their patients prior to performing any kind of procedure, and orthodontists are no exception. Before an orthodontist can apply braces to your teeth, you have a right to fully understand the risks and benefits involved so you can make the best decision for yourself.

Additionally, you have the right to be informed about procedures that must be done in conjunction with putting braces on, adjusting the braces, or removing them. Your orthodontist may have been negligent if you didn’t provide consent for all treatments performed. 

Improperly Sterilized or Wrong Equipment Used

There are a variety of tools that an orthodontist uses when treating their patients. Some of these tools may be shared between patients, but must be properly sterilized after each patient. If the tools are not cleaned thoroughly, the patient can contract an illness or infection. Also, if the orthodontist utilizes the wrong equipment, avoidable injuries and damages can occur. 

If your orthodontist is fighting you on your claims of malpractice, your attorney can give you information about how to seek a fair amount of compensation. Consider meeting with a lawyer, like a personal injury lawyer from Darrell Castle and Associates, PLLC, in your area that is familiar with personal injury lawsuits, so you can receive the guidance you need during this difficult time.