Common Signs of Neglect in Nursing Homes

Neglect against nursing home residents can present itself in different ways. It is not always obvious, so if you are visiting your loved one at a nursing home make careful observations around the facility and its conditions. Obtain the assistance of an experienced and dedicated nursing home neglect lawyer like one from Davis & Brusca if you believe that your loved one is going through neglect. If you are not sure what the signs are, here are just a few examples of neglect in nursing homes that can occur. 

Not addressing social needs

Nursing homes can be lonely places. Family members do not always get a chance to visit their loved ones, so residents have limited interactions. Residents depend on staff to interact with them and address their social and emotional needs, especially those who are bedridden or have restricted mobility. Nursing home staff should be in tune with the needs of residents and have positive interactions with them. 

Not cleaning a resident’s room

Staff members are responsible for keeping residents’ rooms kept tidy and clean. Objects on the ground can be hazards to residents, and can cause them to fall, trip, or injure themselves. Residents can hit themselves on items that are not properly put away, such as a chair or table. Food that is not cleaned up can invite mold and bacteria, putting residents at risk of developing an illness. 

Failing to provide assistance with hygienic needs

Part of providing adequate care includes assisting residents with putting on or removing clothes, going to the bathroom, taking a shower, brushing their teeth, and cleaning up after meals. Hygiene maintenance is just as important as physical health. When nursing home staff fail to attend to a resident’s hygienic needs, it can be evidence of neglect. 

Failing to conduct regular check-ups

Not checking in on residents regularly can be grounds for neglect. Residents must always be checked on by staff so that they receive timely assistance. A resident may need help getting around, such as going to the bathroom, or they may be in pain and are in need of immediate treatment. If a staff member does not conduct check-ins periodically, they may miss important moments, such as when a resident is in distress. 

Request a Consultation with a Skilled Lawyer 

It is important to know and recognize potential signs of neglect if you have a family member who lives in a nursing home. If you suspect that your loved one is being neglected by staff, talk to a trusted nursing home abuse and neglect lawyer today so they can evaluate your case.