Do These Things Before Filing for Divorce

Living in a bad marriage is not good for your longtime health. It is also bad for your children to witness, as it will give them an inaccurate picture of what a healthy marriage should look like. What do you do, then, when you have kids and decide your marriage needs to end? Becoming a single parent is not easy, nor is it something that anyone sets out to do. Taking some decisive action before going to court may give you a leg up when it comes to moving forward during and after the divorce. Explore a few things you can start sooner rather than later.

Prepare Your Children

Your children most likely already know that things between you and your spouse are not great. But, having an age-appropriate conversation once you decide that divorce is on the horizon is crucial. The best way to do this is with your spouse. Having a united front will help your children process the fact that, yes, their life will change, but both parents still love them equally. If this joint effort is not possible, try to maintain a positive attitude and viewpoint. Make sure you allow the kids to ask questions and don’t scold them for expressing their feelings one way or the other. Some children may be elated as the tension in the house may now dissipate. Others may be reluctant, angry and obstinate.

Go To the Bank

Your financial future will not be tied to your spouse. Get your own checking and savings accounts. Do not take all the money out of joint accounts, but rather, a reasonable amount. If you work, have your paycheck direct deposited into the new account. The exception to this is if your spouse relies on your income and is unemployed. Taking all the money away will not make you look good to a judge. Thus, take a reasonable amount for yourself and leave the rest.

Draft a Budget

Getting your financial footing may take some time after divorce. Aside from the expense of the court action, you may have to deal with lost income, assets and increased debt. It helps to have an idea of what your money situation might look like when you are single. A budget can assist with things like finding a place to live and a vehicle, but it can become integral in the planning of strategy with your spouse in court.

Getting the help of friends and family may prove beneficial for you and your children. However, the professional counsel of a family lawyer in Cypress, TX, such as from Winfrey Law Firm, may get you further in the divorce process. With their knowledge of the system, they can help carve a path towards your best-case scenario.