How a Lawyer Can Help During an Agency Adoption Process

In most circumstances, it is useful to get assistance from an attorney while going through the process of adoption. Creating or building a family is going to be one of the most significant and fulfilling events of your life. Adoptive parents will want to ensure that the adoption they seek abides with both state and federal laws, and that there won’t be any road bumps in solidifying their new relationship.

Those who are considering adoption from an agency must contact an attorney who is familiar with family law and specifically the adoption process, so they get the support they need along the way. 

What role will a lawyer have in the adoption process?

Understandably, most parents who are seeking adoption view the process as very emotional and sensitive. It is also a legal process too, in which having an attorney on your side can prove incredibly helpful. The court views a parent and child’s relationship as so crucial that they take the procedure seriously and follow things precisely as they should be done.

In some cases, your attorney may be able to expedite the adoption process, as it can take upwards of five years to finalize without legal help. How quickly the process goes also depends on what kind of adoption you are pursuing and other factors. Your lawyer will be able to give you information about who to speak with, what agencies to work with, what paperwork to complete, and how to get ready for home visits. 

What if I work with an adoption agency?

Parents who want to work with an adoption agency may be responsible for hiring their own attorney, or the agency will coordinate that for you. Either way, your attorney can help make sure that state legal requirements are met, background checks are run, and other procedures for screening parental applications are completely in a proper manner. Reputable adoption agencies have requirements for adoption and may often review applications case-by-case.

What will be the most important factor for the adoption agency?

The focus of the agency will be that both the parents and child will benefit from adoption, and that it is the right fit for all involved, including those who may also live in the home. Parents can expect to have numerous home visits and that they will have to provide background information, including employment and finances. 

While the requirements for adoption are based on state law and the agency itself, here are examples of what may have to apply for the adoptive parents:

  • Prospective parents must be at least 18 years of age
  • A letter from a primary physician if either parent has a serious illness
  • Both parents exhibit emotionally stability
  • Each parent must pass a child abuse clearance
  • A home study must be welcomed by the parents and passed 
  • Parents have to prove they have the finances to support a child
  • The home must be a safe and secure place
  • References from family and friends