How Do I Know if I Have a Bike Accident Case?

Bike Accident Attorney

After being injured in a bike accident, you may be left with painful injuries, expensive medical bills, and wondering if there are options for compensation from the at-fault party who caused the accident to begin with. A bike accident attorney, like one from the Barry P. Goldberg firm, can discuss your case options with you and guide you through the legal process of a lawsuit or settlement negotiations. There is no need for you face this thing alone, call a law firm to set up an appointment with an experienced attorney who can be your legal advocate.

Elements of a Bike Accident Case

  • Call 911 at the scene – It is beneficial for your case to have taken the proper steps to get emergency personnel on the scene right away, both for addressing medical needs and officially documenting what happened and providing a police report for the incident. This can go a long way in your case when it comes to the legal claim and settlement.
  • Get medical treatment – Medical treatment is important to ensure that you are being properly treated for any injuries, but also to have official documentation of injuries and medical bills that will show exactly how much the injuries are costing your financially. Having medical professionals documents of your injuries will be a vital part of your claim.
  • Document injuries – For any further injuries that were not in your medical paperwork, it is a good idea to document them with notes and photos. Even if they were treatment by medical staff, it still not a bad idea to document them with photos and descriptions of the pain and treatment process.
  • Gather evidence – It is crucial for your case that you gather as much evidence as possible from the scene of the accident, during your medical treatment, and after the accident. An experienced attorney can also help you gather this evidence and guide you on what types of things to be getting to strengthen your case. Evidence can be difficult to gather at the scene if you are severely injured, but this is another reason why you need the police and emergency responders there, and you can gather evidence after the fact by getting documented information from others. It is also wise to keep a journal or notes of everything you can remember and names of people you talked to help show what happened.

Whatever the elements of your bike accident, an attorney can help you decide what your next steps are in your case and offer legal guidance.

Call a Bike Accident Attorney

There is no need to go through this alone, you’ve been through enough already. Let an experienced bike accident attorney handle the legal side of your case while you focus on healing and the next part of your life after this accident. Contact a law firm today to schedule your initial consultation and start the legal process for getting the compensation you deserve.