Pregnant In A Car Accident

Being involved in a car accident is scary under any circumstance. It’s even more harrowing when it happens while you’re pregnant. There are many ways in which a car wreck could injure your unborn bundle of joy. As a car accident lawyer from can explain, if you were involved in a car accident while pregnant, suing the driver who is at fault may be a possibility. Here are some outcomes that could give you a reason for initiating litigation.


A miscarriage could result from an accident. Unless it can be demonstrated that you had an underlying health condition that triggered the miscarriage, the crash’s impact might be to blame.

Premature Labor

Vehicular accidents cause stress on a mother that can make her give birth prematurely. Premature babies are at risk for a host of complications, including learning disabilities, cerebral palsy and hearing problems. 

Infant Anomalies

Another possibility is that your baby is born with disabilities. Such incidents sometimes require lifelong medical expenditures and are always emotionally distressing. It may be reasonable to assume your baby would have been born without these types of problems had you not been stricken by an out-of-control driver.

Labor Complications

Injuries from car accidents can have an adverse impact on a mother’s ability to give birth. Pre-existing conditions may be the cause of risky labor. In other instances, it is the trauma of a crash that creates troubles. After giving birth, ask your doctor if there were unexpected obstacles and, if so, find out what they were.

Placental Abruption

The placenta gives babies nutrients necessary for growth while in the womb. A sudden impact can cause this temporary organ to separate from the uterus, creating a dangerous scenario for your eagerly awaited bambino. This only happens in approximately one out of every 150 pregnancies. Any impact on the abdominal area can increase the odds of placental abruption.

Catastrophic Trauma

Unborn babies can experience many life-threatening conditions resulting from an auto accident. Children whose mothers endure a temporary lack of oxygen, emotional distress or infection while pregnant may suffer health issues that affect them for their entire lives.

Any woman involved in a vehicular accident should immediately consult their doctor. Only a thorough examination from an obstetrician can determine whether her unborn baby is likely to suffer as a result. If you learn that the health of your child-to-be has been compromised due to someone else’s negligence, contact an experienced car accident lawyer. Together, you can determine whether filing a lawsuit is the right course of action.