Proving Injuries for a Personal Injury Case

As a dog bite lawyer from a firm like Jeff Murphy Law can explain, if you suffered an injury caused by another person or their property, you may be entitled to a personal injury case. You must be able to prove the extent of your injury, though – otherwise, your claim may not stand up in court.

Consider these three ways to prove what type of injuries occurred and how they have impacted you. This will help you build a solid case and will give you the chance for a better outcome.

Seek Medical Attention

After any type of injury, the most important thing to do is to seek medical care. You will need a record of your injuries, and a medical facility is the best place to obtain this. Be honest about how you sustained the injuries, and follow medical advice. This documentation will be invaluable to you when taking your case to a personal injury lawyer. He or she can help you make your case based on this evidence of your injury.

Ask for Medical Records

After an injury, you may have to visit a doctor’s office several times, or you may have to visit medical specialists. You need to keep all this information organized and readily available. You can ask for a copy of your medical records, as you are legally entitled to them. These records will help you prove that your injury has caused you to need medical care. They will help identify how much care was needed on account of your injury.

Obtain Police Report

After some accidents, the police may be called (for example, this would be the case with a car accident or a dog bite in which the dog is still out of control). If there is a police report that pertains to the incident that caused your injuries, it can be valuable evidence. You can ask for a copy to give to your personal injury attorney. He or she can use this to show that you went through the necessary channels to report the incident. In the report, there will likely be a record of injuries sustained by all parties involved. These are documents that you are legally allowed to obtain.

Dealing with a personal injury caused by another party is never an easy thing. However, there are a few things that you can do to help your case. If you have not already, contact a personal injury lawyer for assistance. He or she can help you navigate the legal process and make the best decisions for your specific case and circumstances.