Should I Hire a Debt Collection Attorney?

As someone who has accumulated some debts, you might already have a system for getting them paid off. Unfortunately, it’s not always as easy as it sounds in the beginning, and you could find yourself getting phone calls from debt collectors and notices with astronomical late fees. In this situation, it may do you well to hire a debt collection attorney.

The Cost of a Debt Collection Attorney

You’ll need to speak directly with your attorney to find out how much he or she charges to help someone with debt collection. Many debt collection attorneys charge by the hour, so the final cost will really depend on how long it takes your lawyer to get everything done. There’s also a chance the lawyer will charge an upfront cost, which is often a predetermined amount he or she charges for all debt collection cases.

What Your Attorney Could Do

Your attorney will be the person you can turn to for support in dealing with debt collectors. If the collectors have crossed any legal lines, your lawyer can help you hold them responsible. In many cases, a debt collection lawyer will help a client come up with a deal that encourages the client to pay back the debt in a reasonable amount of time that also works for the creditor.

Your lawyer may also be able to negotiate a lower final amount or a lesser interest rate, depending on your case. The reason you want to hire a lawyer who deals specifically with debt collection or bankruptcy is he or she will have the knowledge and experience required to deal with your unique situation.

Signs You Should Call an Attorney

Not everyone in debt will need the assistance of an attorney. Many individuals throughout the nation are able to manage their finances without having trouble with their creditors. Unfortunately, every debtor is not that lucky. Some signs you should contact a debt collection attorney include:

  • You have creditors calling you at home and work on a regular basis.
  • You don’t have the money to pay back one or more of your current loans, and don’t see a way to do so in the near future.
  • Your creditors are threatening a lawsuit.
  • The creditors or debt collectors are being inappropriate, unkind or otherwise unfair when dealing with you.

Getting Started Today

As you can see, debt collection isn’t a fun situation to be in, but it does happen. If you’ve found yourself dealing with debt collectors, contact a bankruptcy lawyer, like from Chorches Bankruptcy Law, today to get started with the protection you deserve.