Steps To Take If Ex-Spouse Violates Child Visitation

If you’re like many individuals who have been divorced, it’s hard for you to hand your children over to your ex-spouse when it’s his or her turn for visitation. Though it might be hard, it’s often in the best interest of the child. What should you do when your ex-spouse violates the visitation schedule? It will be different for each situation, but the following are some scenarios to get you thinking.

Call the Police

You don’t need to call the police in every situation, but there are some divorces that are high-conflict. Perhaps one parent is angry with the other parent because of how the custody arrangement played out. The non-custodial parent may take the child and withhold him or her from the custodial parent. If this is the situation you’re in, call the police immediately. Though it may seem legal because the non-custodial parent is also still a parent, it’s illegal and the police will help you get your child back.

If your ex-spouse is simply late getting your child home, there may be no cause for alarm. Simply jot down the date and time that this mistake was made so you have the information if you end up going back to court.

Change the Visitation Schedule

If both parents are willing, you could change the visitation schedule so it is more convenient for everyone. For example, if one parent is always late picking up the child from the other parent’s house on visitation day, it could be because his or her work schedule doesn’t allow the parent to be prompt and on time. The other parent could be understanding about the situation and agree to change the schedule so the child isn’t always waiting on a late mother or father.

Go Back to Court

Sometimes it may be too difficult to change the visitation schedule without the interference of a judge. If you feel you need to take the situation back to court, speak with a lawyer and prepare to do so. This is especially important if your ex-spouse violates the schedule time after time and doesn’t have a legitimate reason why it’s happening. If you have written down the dates and times so the judge can see the frequency of the issue, it may be more beneficial to you and your child.

Contacting a Lawyer to Figure Out Visitation

When you’re worried about visitation, there’s typically a good reason why. Go with your instincts and contact a divorce lawyer, to figure out how to make it easier and safer on your kids.