What Are Signs of Employment Discrimination?

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All workplaces should provide equal opportunities so that everyone can do their job effectively and without disruption. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Certain companies maintain work environments where their employees are constantly attacked or do not have a chance at achieving professional growth. Reports of employment discrimination are common, and it can have a damaging effect on employees. If you believe that you have been unlawfully discriminated against by your employer, consider talking to an employment discrimination lawyer like one from Eric Siegel Law about your experience. They can assess your situation and see if you have a valid case. 

Employment discrimination can come in many forms, some more obvious and some more subtle. Here are several common signs that you may be a victim of discrimination in the workplace. 

Changing Your Schedule 

Employees should receive advanced notice of their schedule so that they can make the necessary accommodations for their schedule. If your supervisor or manager changes your schedule at the last minute without giving you proper notice, they may be discriminating against you. 

Predetermined or Fixed Roles 

If you have noticed certain patterns in your work environment, such as workers of one race or gender being limited to lower-level roles, it could be a sign of employment discrimination. For example, if you are being denied advancement to a role that requires proficiency in certain software because of your age, it could be grounds for discrimination. 

Denied Promotions

Employers are not allowed to keep you from getting a promotion based on factors such as race, age, gender, sexual orientation, and religious beliefs. Every worker who meets the requirements should be given a fair and equal opportunity to be considered for the role. If you are denied for a role you have applied for and the role goes to an underqualified applicant, it may be a sign of discrimination.

Condescending Communication

Supervisors and managers have a responsibility to treat their workers with respect and communicate with their staff in an appropriate manner. Even if an employee makes a mistake at work, supervisors are not permitted to belittle their employees and use slurs or foul language. This is especially true if comments are made that specifically target aspects of an employee’s identity, such as race or gender. 

Employment discriminations’ can happen in many different ways, but it can be hard to spot the signs. If you think you have been discriminated against at work, contact a top employment discrimination lawyer now to receive trusted legal advice.