What Happens in an Accident with a Cab?

Yellow cabs are an essential mode of transportation around cities and towns across the country. Whether you stand on the street corner to hail one or you call one before leaving home, these cars get people where they need to go at all hours of the day and night.

Taxicab drivers are used to navigating all types of roadways in and around cities. However, it does not make them immune to getting into car accidents. Who handles the claim when a taxi driver is part of a crash scene? Discover how these types of accidents are typically managed and what you should do if you are ever part of the mess.

Your Vehicle Is in an Accident with a Taxi

When you are driving your vehicle and become involved in a crash with a cab, the post-accident process goes along as usual. You exchange information with the cab driver, making sure to get a copy of their taxi permit (usually displayed inside the cab). The claims process will not be affected by the fact that the accident involved a cab. What may be different, however, is how the taxi driver may fight against any assigned liability. The reason for this is relatively simple. Cab drivers need clean licenses to be able to continue working. If they have too many marks against them, they may not be able to get insurance, or they may lose their cab license. Thus, if you believe the cab is at fault for the crash, your claim may get held up for a while.

You Are a Passenger in a Taxi

Taxis are almost always shuttling passengers around, even when they crash. If you are traveling in a cab when it gets into an accident, you may wonder how your injuries get handled. It is not common to wear a seatbelt in a taxi in most cities, and so an accident may leave you with injuries that require immediate and ongoing medical care. How do you get the care you need? Any passenger who is hurt in an accident can fast-track a third-party injury claim because they do not have to wait for liability to be determined. You would first go through the cab driver’s car insurer to get immediate treatment. You may have to pay initially or at some point along the way, and if that happens, you may file a personal injury claim against the cab driver or the person assigned the fault.

Getting into an accident with a cab is not much different than any other crash. If you want to get further assistance with handling a collision, you may want to speak to a car accident lawyer, like a car accident lawyer in Green Bay, WI, to see how your state law affects your claim.



Thanks to Hickey & Turim for their insight into what happens when you get into an accident with a taxi.