What should I consider before hiring a business lawyer?

What should I consider before hiring a business lawyer?

Before choosing a business lawyer, it’s important to perform due diligence in ensuring that they are the right choice to handle your legal needs. Asking certain questions before hiring them can go a long way toward this. Also, having an understanding of their approach when dealing with clients can help you determine if they may be a good fit for your company and your company culture. 

When considering who to hire as your company’s business lawyer, keep the following in mind:

  •         Does the business lawyer’s communication style match yours? This extends to whoever will be your company’s point person in interactions with the law firm. For instance, if your preference is texts and no phone calls, is this how they also communicate? If not, can they make the adjustment? If you desire weekly updates on a current case, is this too often or not often enough for them? Keep in mind that during the progression of a case, when milestones occur or are nearing, more frequent updates may be necessary, particularly if your input is needed.
  •         Is the law firm located reasonably close to your office? For those times when you must meet with your business lawyer in person, such as to sign documentation, if they are not close by you may spend most of the day fighting traffic and searching for a parking spot. Ask if they use video conferencing and what percentage of the time this is an option instead of visiting their office. If your firm does enough business with the law firm, an additional option may be to have your lawyer visit your location on occasion, but ask if this is a possibility.
  •         What is your first and second (and third) impression of the business lawyer? Is this someone who triggers red flags in your mind, whether it’s something specific or a nagging gut feeling? If you do not have confidence or trust in your business lawyer, then you are doing a disservice to yourself and your company by retaining them. In fact, if at any point you lose confidence in them, it’s time to shop around for a different business lawyer.
  •         What do other members of the community say about this business lawyer and their law firm? Social media and Internet searches can unearth a substantial amount of detailed information about a particular attorney or a law firm and it will not cost you anything but time. Though you may have to take some negative reviews with a grain of salt, if you detect a pattern of unhappy former clients, take that as a nudge to move on to a different candidate.

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